Check repair status

This page will let you track progress of a repair. Simply enter the RMA number and key number - these were supplied in the confirmation email you received when you booked the repair.
RMA number
eg 4336
Key number
eg 5718

repair flow diagram

When you send a repair to us using the RMA form you will get an RMA number. An email is sent to the address you entered on the form confirming the RMA number along with a security key (you need BOTH these numbers to check status).

At the moment that the RMA is submitted the status is as yet undecided.

You despatch it - we receive it.

When we receive it the item(s) is/are checked in here and allocated a job number. The system is updated with arrival date and the job number and a status check will show this as 'received and transferred to job number xxxxxx' along with the current status.

The next thing that happens is that the job reaches an engineer, usually the same day as it arrives so that we can assess what work is required. At this point the status check will show 'in progress'.

From here there are a number of possible status responses depending on the work required so you may see among the responses:

  • waiting customer - if we have assessed the work and require advice or input from you to proceed
  • waiting quoted - if we have assessed the work and quoted requiring your approval before proceeding
  • waiting parts - if we have needed to get parts from a supplier
  • at manufacturer - occasionally it is necessary to send a unit to the manufacturer for attention

    The final status response will be 'Completed' along with the date of completion.