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Please use this form to send units for repair. Complete all details for all units to return (1 unit per line) and click the save button. An RMA will be generated which you MUST print and return with the units.
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Terms and Conditions:
Units submitted for repair are sent on the understanding that any charges have previously been described or that a minimum fee will be charged for evaluating the repair cost, a fee that will be waived if the repair is accepted.
Pen Mobile Solutions Ltd are not responsible for safe transit of the equipment sent by you and any claims for loss or damage should be directed to the carriers used.
As a result of the fault or during the repair process software may be lost or become corrupted. If you require software reloaded please supply a copy of the software. There will be a charge of £25 for loading your software. Please tick the box below to confirm that you have read and accepted this condition.
   Software conditions accepted
If your unit has username/password protection please provide details (use the accessories column of the form) so that we can access to test/repair. If you do not provide these details and a unit is password protected there will be an additional charge of £10.
   Password(s)  not required supplied unknown
In addition please advise us, using the box below, which operating software version is being used and whether you have any specific programs such as MCL or Warehouse Application.

If the main and/or back-up battery in your unit is over 12 months old we recommend replacement now. Old batteries lead to poor performance and ultimately your unit will fail completely. It is also a common cause of software issues and can lead to the complete loss of your terminalís programs. Where we have repaired a unit and you have chosen not to replace the battery, our warranty is invalidated in respect of any subsequent repair where the cause of the failure can be shown to be related to battery performance.
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By submitting this form and sending units you agree to the terms and conditions above whether or not you have indicated by selecting, ticking or checking.