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Pen Tech delivers technical support for your auto ID and mobility solutions.

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Repair and Maintenance
Fixed Price Repair tariff for most popular equipment
Tailored contract packages for annual maintenance
and/or repair
Standard and customised service offerings
Submit repairs and check progress online

Fast Turnaround
Site Surveys
Wi-fi and radio network mapping
System Health Checks

Wireless network installation
Access points and antenna mounting
Power and LAN connection
Configuration and Testing
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FPR Repair Prices


   2010 customer survey results
   In May 2010 we invited a sample of over 100 existing Repair and
   Maintenance customers to take part in a survey .. ..
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We repair and maintain Barcode Scanners, Mobile Computers, Portable Data Terminals, Portable Data Collectors, Barcode Readers, RFID readers, Tablet PCs, Portable Printers, Desktop Barcode Printers, Wireless Solutions, Routers and Access Points.

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