Fixed Price Repair - FPR

Gone are the days of sending something for repair wondering how expensive it might be.
Our Fixed Price Repair service is designed to provide you with pricing before we dismantle and repair your unit so you know what to expect.
Repairs are divided into 3 three major categories and priced accordingly and we accept most popular barcode and auto-id units from the following (click for details):
(if you don't see your device please call us - 08700 662217)
All units will be evaluated before committing to repair, so you will know what it will cost before you proceed. The evaluation fee is £45. If you proceed to have your unit repaired this will be waived. Prices are quoted net of VAT and carriage.
Important notes:
  • As a result of the fault or during the repair process software may be lost/corrupted. If you require this reloaded please supply a copy of the software and note that there is an additional charge of £25 for loading/installing your software.
  • If your unit has username/password protection please provide details so that we can access to test/repair. Failure to do this will delay the repair.